Does my balloon bouquet really arrive inflated?
Yes! We assemble and inflate all bouquets prior to shipping so they arrive looking perfect, every single time.

Can these balloon bouquets be shipped anywhere?
Short answer, yes. Our bouquets can be shipped anywhere FedEx delivers. So, as long as the address is within FedEx's delivery territory, you're all set! And, since these are not helium balloons or chocolates, temperature fluctuations won't negatively affect the gift!

How long do these balloons stay inflated?
Our balloons are made out of a long-lasting plastic material and filled with air. That means they won't deflate or burst, and they can be reused over and over, preventing the need for single use latex or mylar balloons!

Can I deflate the balloons and reinflate them for future use?
Yes! Our balloons are reusable and require a standard needle-style inflation tip, just like a sports ball, so they can be displayed over and over again!

Will my bouquet arrive on the day I chose?
We expect your order to deliver on, or in some cases a day or two before, your selected date. Please note that unforeseeable circumstances such as weather or other factors beyond our control may cause delays once the package is in the hands of the courier service. If you’d like to play it safe, we suggest choosing a delivery date 1-3 days prior to the target date.